How do people treat trapped emotions?

Today people primarily rely on medications and doctors. Although these treatments help, often times they don’t solve the underlying emotional issues.

Emotions can become trapped in our bodies and have a tantrum or signal to let you know they are there. Aches, pains even emotional feelings are the result of a trapped emotion. You visit the doctor or maybe a mental health counselor. They work with you to discuss the emotional problem and often times prescribe medication.

Rarely do they talk about energy healing and how you can release trapped emotions from negative past events.

How The Emotion Code can treat emotions with energy healing

The Emotion Code was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson when he was in chiropractic practice. Over many years he developed a method of muscle testing to connect with his patients subconscious. Once connected he could ask “yes or no questions” and determine from a list of emotions, which were causing issues.

Following ancient healing modalities, Dr Nelson found by using a magnet, the emotional release was magnified.

His patients were so amazed at how much better they felt he retired from being a chiropractor and wrote the book The Emotion Code. From there he started training practitioners worldwide! Today there are almost 5000 Certified Emotion Code Practitioners worldwide.

We learned about the Emotion Code from Bob Randklev Certified Emotion Code practitioner. It doesn’t matter where you are located as you can get an Emotion Code session done in person, by phone or video and email. Just like television or telephone signals are transmitted, so can treating emotions!


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